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Helix - Diamond Order # - JAN094419

Father Gabriel Amorth was a rock star among exorcists until a freak mishap forced him to bind an entire demonic legion to his own soul. Now, he searches the earth for a way to safely dispose of the evil inside him, occasionally harnessing its unspeakable power for the benefit of those in need. But these supernatural abilities come at a cost; Every time he uses them, he gets one step closer to Hell.


“…Father Amorth, one of the most strikingly original comic characters in recent memory. A glass eyed, wisecracking exorcist – he’s Hellboy by way of Columbo.”
- Mark Sable, writer/creator of Grounded, Unthinkable

"Cool!" - Mark Waid

"It's everything Father Paul warned me against."
-Robbi Rodriguez, artist of Maintenance